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How To Clean Sink Drain By Sink Cleaner?

How to clean sink drain? The smell could come from the blocked drains. Food waste, oil, soap scum and much more go inside the drain pipes. Because of the collection of junk in the pipe, various kinds of bacteria occur. These germs make the situation worse by affecting human health. To clean sink drain, you can either call professionals or select a few DIY methods.

Why Cleaning Sink Drain is Important?


In bathrooms and kitchens, you would often notice the problem of blockages. When the utensils are washed, lots of trash enters the drain along with water. Even the soapy water and oil particles clog the drains. In bathrooms, tissues, hairs, dead skin and much more enter the drains.

When the accumulation of various things happens for a long time, you would notice some problems. Odours would be released by the drains. The speed of the water removal would slow down. Lastly, people would suffer from health issues because of clogged sinks.

To get rid of these problems, you could hire a professional sink cleaner. Professionals have relevant tools and products. They use the latest technique and clean the drains effectively. You could save your money, time and effort by simply hiring professional cleaners at the right time.

How do Professionals Clean Drains?

The methods used by experts for cleaning sink drain are quite advanced. With help of professional methods, you get quick and guaranteed results. The process used by cleaners could be summarised as follows:

Detailed Inspection with Video Camera Pipe

In order to select the right cleaning product and tool, it is important to know the exact situation of debris and drainage system. To get the correct picture, the cleaners use a video camera. The device is mounted on a cable. Even a LED light is attached to the cable. Based on the picture captured by camera, the cleaners prepare a customised plan.

Use of Motorised Drain Augers for Minor Blockages

In earlier times, the cleaners had to use mechanical tools for unclogging the drains. But, now technology has evolved. These days, motorised drain snakes are available. These tools are flexible and cabled. They have sharp ends. When it goes inside the sink drain, it quickly breaks the dirt particles. Because the process is motorised, it is easy to remove old and large blockages.

Hydro-Jetting Technique

In big hotels and hospitals, the severity of blockages is way more than residential places. When it comes to large-scale cleaning, the cleaners use hydro-jetting technique.

As the name suggests, water is involved in this kind of cleaning. From a nozzle, lots of water is injected into the drain. High pressure inserted by water could not be tolerated by debris. The dirt particles are completely removed from the drains.

How to Clean Sink Drain with Easy Methods?

You don’t always have to hire a sink cleaner. Professional cleaning could be done once a year. But, for regular cleaning of kitchen sink drains, you could prefer a few DIY hacks. These methods are simple, easy-to-use and cheap.

1.      Use a Soap Solution

You could mix a few drops of dishwashing soap in hot water. Both these elements are great for removing dirt, grease and oil. You could the mixture into the drain to clean it. Remember that these methods are time-consuming as many tries would be required to get the best results.

2.      Magical Combination of Vinegar and Baking Soda

You don’t have to purchase costly products for cleaning the drains. In fact, you can find backing soda and vinegar in your kitchen. Take equal quantities of these ingredients and make a solution. You could put this mixture in the pipe. After a few hours, you could pour boiling hot water. You would notice a sudden increase in the movement of water.

3.      Salt and Baking Soda Mixture

Two inexpensive ingredients like baking soda and salt could help you in sink drain cleaning. To clean sink drain, you could use a mix soda and salt. This mixture could be useful in removing junk. But, the duration of the process would be too long. You have to wait for many hours to see the results.

4.      Use a Plunger

Whether it is a blocked toilet pipe or kitchen drain, a plunger always removes the clogs. It is considered a green cleaning method as no chemicals are required for using it. By creating a vacuum, it puts pressure on the drain. Yes, you need to put in hard work while cleaning drains with this device.

Why Professional Cleaning is better than DIY Cleaning?

Now you how to clean sink drain without professional help. But, there are too many drawbacks to these methods. Firstly, you would not get an instant outcome. Secondly, deep cleaning of drains is not possible. Thirdly, you have to spend time cleaning the drains. Do you have the patience to wait? If not, then you should seek help from experienced cleaners.

Trained cleaners could tackle serious situations easily. Whether drain cleaning is required on commercial property or residential property, the cleaners could provide service as soon as possible. With help of chemicals, enzymes, and machines, the experts are able to remove all the particles from the drains. Moreover, the specialists sanitise and deodorise the sink pipes for germ removal and odour removal.

Isn’t it amazing? So, prefer professional services whenever you discover the signs of clogged drains in your home or office. You would save time and effort. In addition, your health would not be harmed by filthy drains.


Blocked sink drains could lead to several problems like diseases, sewage backup, odour production, etc. But, professional and DIY cleaning methods could be used to get rid of these issues. In both methods, professional cleaning offers more value.

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