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Privacy Policy - Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide

Privacy Clause

  • Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide– https://emergencyfloodrestorationadelaide.com.au/ states that for the purpose of providing each ‘user’ of the website or ‘customer’ a unique service to treat their property after water flooding, we will collect the personal information of the ‘user’ of the website and provide uninterrupted quality services. We at Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide respect your privacy and your data privacy.
  • We adhere to the Privacy Act 1988 following the Australian Privacy Principles, which leads us to understand how to collect, save, use and protect the information of the ‘customers’ or ‘users’.

We commit to safeguarding your data and securing your privacy.

Permission to Collect Personal Information

  • Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide will collect the information- your personal data, not limited to but including – your name, address, phone number, and email address that you provide to the website from time to time.
  • We may collect your data through various means. You may fill out forms, email us, provide comments, and feedback, answer our questionnaire, contact us for our services, take surveys, or interact with us in any form.
  • We may collect your information, directly or indirectly, from you or the third parties that request services on your behalf.

Why We Collect the Information

  • Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide collects your data to provide you with uninterrupted, personalised, customised expert service as and when you request electronically or in person.
  • We store the information to discuss the policies, policy changes, terms and conditions, deals and packages, offers, booking an appointment, and sharing information with you about anything of interest regarding flood restoration services and future correspondence.
  • We may use your data to communicate any news and updates.

Safety of Your Personal Information

  • Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide commits to storing your information/data securely, which disallows unauthorised access by any party that is not related to the service you have requested.
  • We follow necessary data collection and storage practices that keep your data secure for us to communicate with you and provide you with uninterrupted services.
  • We do not guarantee the safety of any data loss in your transmission or exchange of information. You may need to do so at your own risk. Still, we practise all the measures to safeguard the information we receive from time to time.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information Clause

  • Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide restricts the disclosure or sharing of your personal data with anyone. Still, in case any third party needs the data for carrying on the service requested by you, for your ease and compliance with the service request, we may disclose the personal information to any third party involved, employees, or professional advisors, whenever needed to serve you better.
  • A third party may need your information if they have requested service on your behalf, for you, or for your interest.
  • We promise to fulfil our commitment to providing you with the best service, so any disclosure of information to any concerning third party will be there to fulfil the promise for your ease.
  • We may disclose the data for legal requirements pertaining to the law and jurisdiction as requested by the law enforcement agency at any time.
  • Wherever we disclose your information to any concerned party, we request a confidentiality clause from them and comply with Australian privacy law.

Your Privacy and Data Information Security

  • Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide commits to securing your data in the best possible way, sharing only for the purpose of easing your service request, providing you with the concerned service, helping you get on-time delivery of service, and having no delay in getting the service and the solution.
  • We do not sell your information to any party for their personal gain. We do not rent your data to any authorities that may hamper your safety.
  • We share your information with anyone only when it is for the purpose of completing your service request or to provide you with the concerned service as requested by you on time.

Discretionary Power to Anytime Change In Privacy Policy Clause

  • Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide frames privacy policies to be as transparent with its customer and user base as possible. But at any unforeseen requirements or for the betterment of our services, we have a right to change our Privacy Policy anytime we need to.
  • The policy changes will be effective from the date of modification communicated to you by any means- either directly or indirectly.
  • We will inform you about the changes through any means – notice, announcement, email, or update on our website Privacy Policy page. You need to check from time to time to stay updated.

Cookies and Information Storage

  • Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide may use ‘cookies’ from time to time to serve you with better user experience and customer service.
  • Cookies are small files stored to help us serve you better by providing you with the customised information you usually come for. These are for enriching your user experience every time you visit the website.
  • You can opt out of cookies anytime by changing the setting of your browser.
  • If you opt out of cookies, you may not get relevant information and better user experience, as we may not be able to serve you with the best.
  • We never misuse cookies or any personal information stored with us or hamper your privacy.

For Complaints and Redressal

Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide commits to providing you with the best flood restoration and related services. Our technical team is experienced in treating your premises with the best industry tools, machines, devices, solutions, techniques and solvents.

Our customer support is friendly and reachable with a 24X7 service and post-service support commitment. We handle grievances at the earliest and do not tolerate any negligence in better service provision. Additionally, we commit to never misuse the data and information you provide.

Still, if and whenever you have any complaint or seek redressal, additional information, or explanation about any of the clauses in the privacy policy, you can reach us and communicate the same to us.

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Adelaide, SA-5000, Australia


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