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Tips For Office Carpet Cleaning During This Pandemic | EFRA

Different organizations have taken several steps to prevent the spread of highly contagious COVID 19. During this pandemic, many sectors shifted to work from home while some sectors took precautions against the viruses while running their business at the office.

Carpets receive the maximum foot traffic in your commercial premises, so it is important to keep them clean. Many experts suggest disinfectant cleaning company, but we are going to tell you five unique tips to keep your carpet fresh and clean during this pandemic.

Air Purification and Proper Ventilation 

An air purifier filters the indoor air and kills all germs. It reduces the viral load in the workspaces and keeps the carpets clean. Besides that, proper ventilation helps maintain air circulation to prevent contagious diseases.


Fogging is a cleaning method that reaches all interior surfaces and removes airborne microorganisms. Please close all doors, and windows and make sure no one is in the room before spraying it on the carpets. It works as a disinfectant.

Spraying and Wiping

Use industry-grade disinfectants to spray on the surface area. The method is simple. First, spray the disinfectant; wait for a few hours, and let it dry on the surface. After that, wipe the area to enhance its effectiveness. Many providers use different tools for drying a wet carpet quickly.

Remote Work

In the last three years, the mindset related to office jobs has changed; many people have found it helpful to work from home. It opens up new opportunities for employers and business owners. They can hire employees from any part of the world for their organization. Besides that, it helps to lessen the spread of infectious viruses. If employees are working from home, then regular carpet cleaning is enough.

Hire Professional Cleaning Office Services

If you are too conscious about keeping your workplace clean, you should schedule cleaning services with a reputed covid workplace cleaning service provider. They have the proper equipment, knowledge, and skills to ensure better results. Do not rely on ordinary cleaners available in the market. They are suitable for home cleaning, but commercial premises need high-quality equipment to cover a large area quickly. That is why a professional cleaning service should be the right choice for you.

The disinfectant cleaning company is one of the requirements for most commercial clients, so our professionals use high-quality equipment to handle the workloads. If you are worried about the quality of cleaning during this pandemic, then schedule an appointment with us.

Can COVID-19 Virus be Found on Carpets?

Studies have shown that viruses can be carried into the premises on the shoe bottoms. If the carpet is contaminated and you walk over it, you probably carry it into your house.

The viruses are airborne, and gravity pulls them down on the carpets. Do you know carpets, and rugs are some of the items that absorb all types of impurities? Studies present that the COVID 19 virus can survive for a few days on the carpets.

Can Carpet be Disinfected?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, only non-porous surfaces can be disinfected. However, carpets that are made of jute, cotton, and wool are porous materials. You can sanitize the carpet with certified chemicals for the best results. Please ensure you schedule a deep cleaning once in three months.

Should I Clean the Carpets before Sanitising?

Proper cleaning removes the soil compiled on the fibers. It is essential to remove the dirt before disinfecting the carpets. Please use certified chemicals, and detergents to clean the items; otherwise, take the help of professionals for a headache-free cleaning office.

What Alternatives Can be Used to Clean Floors?

How to disinfect carpet? You can use these alternative gadgets to clean the floors of your office.


For large surfaces, you can use an auto scrubber for quick cleanup. It makes your task a lot easier. After scrubbing the surface, you should spray disinfectant.


It is a popular method of cleaning. However, you need a high horse-powered vacuum to clean commercial premises. Regular cleaners cannot handle the workload. You should vacuum dirt after using auto scrubbers. We use wet/dry vacuums for water extraction. Adelaide is a major location where we provide our services.

Take Precautions

Covid workplace cleaning is a tough job, especially during this pandemic. Please take all the precautions, use a mask, rubber gloves, glasses, and boots. Besides that, disinfect the cleaning equipment after the process. It might be difficult for you to handle auto scrubbers and vacuums because the process is very complex.

That is why you should take the help of a water extraction cleaner. If you want to schedule regular carpet cleaning or face sewage-related problems, then we are ready to help you 24/7. We have an emergency team to reach your location at the earliest. Please do not take the cleaning lightly, especially during this pandemic, deep clean the carpets and sanitize the premises regularly.

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