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How To Dry Wet Carpet Fast? | EFRA | Carpet Drying

Carpets become wet after incidents like sewage backups and floods. The moisture in the carpet is bad for the health of the carpets and humans. After all, mould infestation and bacterial growth increase in dampness. In order to prevent the side effects of excessive moisture, it is crucial to dry the carpet within a few hours. If you leave the carpet wet after flooding, you will have to face many issues. There are some methods of carpet drying that professionals use for eliminating water. In this blog, you would know more about these methods.

Why Should You Dry the Carpets Quickly?

There could be times when the sun refuses to shine. Heavy rainfall and cloudy weather could reduce the chances of drying the carpet naturally. With the advancement in technology, there is no need to wait for natural air or sunlight for carpet drying. In fact, dry carpet cleaning has made it possible to clean the carpets without the involvement of too much water.

Drying process holds a lot of importance. Too much water standing on a carpet can only attract various problems. Firstly, moisture gives rise to mould. The fungi degrade the carpet material and cause skin infections.

Secondly, the moisture invites different kinds of harmful microbes that release bad smells. Moreover, moisture reduces the life of the carpet. To avoid such problems, you should ensure that experts are hired as soon as possible.

Some Easy Ways to Dry the Carpets

Professionals depend on several methods for drying wet carpets. Here you would know how to dry wet carpet fast:


Ceiling fans, box fans or stand fans can be used to dry the carpets after cleaning. If your flood-affected carpet is wet, simply switch on the fan. These devices are available in almost every house. So, it can be considered the easiest way to dry the carpet.

Air Blowers

These days, professionals use air blowers to evaporate the water present in the air. These machines blow hot and normal air onto specific parts of the carpets. When the air is moved, the carpet becomes dry. An air blower could be an expensive machine. So, you can just hire the carpet cleaners. They would bring their equipment to dry the carpet.


If you don’t want the carpets to become smelly or mouldy, then you should think about reducing the indoor humidity. Sometimes, high humidity stops the carpet from becoming moisture-free. Along with the devices like fans or blowers, you should install a device known as dehumidifier. In this machine, the water vapours from the air are absorbed by the dehumidifiers. After a thorough cleaning session, you could consider placing a dehumidifier at home.

Space Heaters

Even if it is not too cold, you can use your heater to dry the carpet quickly. Place the machine in your room and leave it on for a few hours. Within a few hours, the carpets would become warm and dry. This method works well for people who live in cooler areas.

Wet Vacuum Cleaners

These vacuum cleaners are specially designed to collect liquids from different surfaces. Before leaving the carpets under fans or dryers, you can simply move the wet vacuum cleaner. The water particles would be sucked by the machines. It is considered a simple way of increasing the speed of drying.

What If You Can’t Dry the Carpet?

If the moisture content is too high and you are unable to extract it, then you should hire professionals. They are trained and know how to use different drying machines effectively. Moreover, the cleaners have moisture checkers. These devices help in knowing whether moisture exists in the carpet or not. So, you would get guaranteed results with help of professional water damage carpet cleaning Adelaide service.


Drying a wet carpet is not as easy as you think. Even little moisture after cleaning could destroy the carpet strands. The methods mentioned above could be useful in drying the carpets within a few hours. You would be able to prevent the ill effects of standing water by using any of the methods given above. If you are unable to dry the carpeting within a short time, then simply ask for help from experts.

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