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Guidelines To Dry A Flooded Carpet | EFRA

Have you experienced a flood and a ruined carpet? There is no need to worry as some quick steps may restore its original state. However, considering this task’s health risks and difficulty, we recommend hiring professionals that offer carpet water damage cleanup. You can count on certified companies with years of experience and expertise. Yet, if you want to do it yourself, here are some steps that will help you in this carpet rescue mission:

Step 1: Get Your Carpet Out of The Mess 

If you start cleaning the carpet inside your flooded home, you may never get it cleaned. It will be hard to remove the moisture and musty smell from it. We suggest taking the carpet out for the cleaning and drying process.

Step 2: Fix Water Source 

If the water is still coming into your place through some broken pipes or leakages, fix the issue first by calling experts for repairs or do it yourself and ask someone else to take the carpet out.

Step 3: Absorb Moisture 

Water removal from carpet can be very challenging, especially if you have grey or black water flood. You must connect with experts to deep clean the carpet in such cases. If it’s clean water, place large towels on the flooring and walk over them so they can absorb the moisture. Leave them on for an hour and change once they get soaked.

Pro Tip: The above technique is unsuitable when you are running out of time. In such a situation, use a wet vacuum.

Step 4: Clean the Spills

The spills by water damage can stay forever on the carpet’s fibres. You can only think of removing them before drying the flooring. If you dry the carpet without a thorough cleaning treatment, it may never get back its original look.

Step 5: Open Windows and Let the Air Flow 

You can turn on the fans and open windows and doors while the towels are soaking the water from carpets. However, you must ensure a spotless floor and walls before doing that. Cleaning a rug on a dirty floor is not a good idea. It would help if you also turned on the air conditioner. All these actions will also remove the musty odour in the room.

Step 6: Use a Dehumidifier

We understand that speeding up the drying process is not an easy job. You will need many helpers to get it right. One of them can be a dehumidifier. These machines evaporate the moisture and prevent mould build-up. You can buy or rent it without hassle.

Step 7: Use Baking Soda to Release Trapped Moisture

Some patches of your wet carpet may have more moisture and stains than the other parts. However, a simple remedy like baking soda can help you remove them. So, sprinkle baking soda on wet patches and leave it for an hour. Vacuum the entire carpet to see the freshness recovered.
Water removal from carpets is better to leave to the specialists. The experts know the best ways to rescue and restore your precious flooring.

How Fast Do You Need to Act in Case of Flooded Carpet? 

If you know a trustworthy carpet cleaner, call them for emergency restoration. If you want to do it yourself, you must figure out an effective and safe way within a few hours. According to experts, your carpet should be spotless and dry within 48 hours after the flood to protect it from mould and mildew.

Drying a flooring takes time, so you must hurry up when you discover a water-damaged carpet or rug. Waiting for too long may permanently damage your carpet, so you must be quick.

Hire Experts to Do the Job!

Drying carpet after flooding can be tricky with the musty odour and risk of germs and other pests crawling around. The good news is that even if your carpet is soaked in grey or black water, professionals can save it with their effective treatments and advanced tools. With methods like dry carpet cleaning, they may get back to the original state within a few hours or with steam cleaning, the experts can eliminate all germs and prioritise your hygiene over the carpet’s drying time.
You need a reliable company to perform the job of saving your carpet. But, worry not! Emergency Flood Restoration Adelaide is here to help you. Our expert team provide superior carpet water damage cleanup in Adelaide and nearby areas. You can contact us anytime, and we will reach your property within an hour for emergency restoration.

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